Resurrecting Mary and the Pope–A Call for Contributors

I began Mary and the Pope in 2013 during the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI and subsequent election of Pope Francis.  My goal at the time was to chronicle and analyze the Marian devotion of Pope Francis, in a sense, to create a compilation of the pope’s Marian references.

The task I wished to undertake was more difficult than I thought it would be, because something called life happened.  In reality, Pope Francis talks about Mary a lot!  It was hard to keep up with him!  Throughout the year as I continued to read Pope Francis’ many beautiful Marian statements, especially in recent weeks, I knew that I wanted to resurrect this project of Marian research.

Realizing that I could not do it on my own, and having been a contributor to the website Ignitum Today, the idea of a group blog came to mind.  At present, Mary and the Pope is accepting contributors to the blog who would write once or twice a month.  The goal would be to create a pool of 15-30 writers who would write once a month, creating daily content for readers.  Given that Pope Francis’ Marian references have not been referenced since May 2013, writers could begin to analyze Francis’ comments from last year to present day.  Writers could also write on any other topic of Marian devotion related to the papacy and previous pontiffs.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email:  Please provide a brief biography, listing your education, and why you would like to contribute to this blog.  If you have been published before, please send a link to a previous post or a sample of your writing.


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